You don’t have to choose between your favorite foods & your GI symptoms!


Gut Happy Holidays:
Beat Bloating with

3 Steps to finding bloat relief when NOTHING has ever work before.

Dr Heather Finley Beat the Bloat with Confidence

This masterclass is for the woman who is
confused and worried
about how to navigate GI issues during the holidays and is ready for an action plan to make this the best holiday season YET!

It’s not you, It’s your gut, girlfriend!

It’s time to finally learn the gutTogether® method

You can stop guessing if you’re doing the right things for your GI symptoms and finally understand the simple method behind how to ditch your GI symptoms before you enter another holiday season…you can’t fail this when you approach gut health the right way!

Hear from our gutTogether® clients…

Jamie L. Designation

My energy levels are higher than I remember prior to having GI issues. The brain fog and bloat are gone, and I have bowel movements daily. I have reintroduced foods that I previously eliminated from my diet and no longer have issues digesting them. I have total freedom with food!”

Maria M. Designation

This program has literally Changed My Life for the better. I was restricting my diet because of my symptoms, doing strenuous HIIT workouts on a daily basis, and losing sleep in order to fit the workouts into my schedule. The tools that Heather gave me have shifted my mindset to a much more healthy place and have almost totally eliminated my symptoms. She helped me to introduce small changes into my daily routine that have built up to huge positive outcomes. All of the food restrictions and physical stress I was putting on my body were hurting more than they were helping.

Amanda D. Designation

It was a huge blessing to find a program that helped you ADD foods back in while healing the gut rather than taking foods out as well as tangible steps that felt manageable and achievable that can be applied to daily life! I was able to discover symptoms and areas of healing to focus on that no one else had ever told me needed work.

Kailee Designation

Dr. Finley is educated and passionate about nutrition. I am thankful for her compassion and guidance every step of the way. I really enjoyed celebrating all of the little victories together. I also really appreciated her encouragement and guidance towards us meeting our SMART goals. The modules were easy to understand, expanded my knowledge about nutrition and provided practical implications. The handouts and resources throughout the program were extremely helpful not only in the moment but for the future as well. This program was well worth the investment of my time and money.


It’s me, Dr. Heather, Registered Dietitian, gut health specialist and founder of gutTogether®

After struggling with GI issues for more than 20 years of my life I was left feeling helpless, without confidence and just wanting to feel better. I scoured the internet and all I could find was elimination diets and “plans” I had already tried. Every time I ate foods “off the plan” I felt guilty and hopeless that I would ever find relief. My social life was in shambles, my symptoms were at an all time high and I wondered if I would ever find relief. 

It wasn’t until I wasn’t until I got my Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition that I realized how I wasn’t just feeling completely burnt out and restrictive, that I was actually damaging my gut too. And it was from that moment that I decided I would dedicate my career as a Registered Dietitian to finding a way to disrupt the restrictive nature of gut health programs and find a way to help women not only find relief from their symptoms, but eat the foods they loved too. 

heather 89 1

In fact, the gutTogether® method was inspired from my years of restrictive elimination diets paired with my real life experiences of working with more than 1000 women who wanted to know exactly what to do to get rid of their GI symptoms faster–and keep them for good! 

Because the truth is…

Bloating should be an extremely rare occurrence, not your everyday experience.

If you are over dealing with yet another holiday season that causes more drama than your crazy aunt Karen!

Gut Happy Holidays:
Beat Bloating with Confidence

Is for you if...

gutTogether 4

You’re committed to…

Identifying what is causing your bloat

You’re so over symptoms that go away only…

to return 2 weeks later

You’re eating “clean”

but your symptoms are at an all time high and now you're scared to add foods back in

You are “good” on your elimination diet…

but then you feel so out of control with food

You’re overwhelmed

by all of the gut health information on the internet

You’re honestly just “fed up”

With your body and want a roadmap on what to do and when to do it

This live masterclass is Pre-Recorded
So You Can Watch At Your Own Pace!

You’re here because you feel like this might be your last ditch effort to finally enjoy the holidays and ditch your bloat for good

Learn the
gutTogether® method:

The science backed roadmap to finally finding relief from your GI symptoms for good

gutTogether® Method
gutTogether 4 Methods 1

Ditch your GI symptoms.
Eat your favorite foods. Feel good while doing it.

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This Masterclass will teach you:

Why you’re stuck with symptoms

Nope, it's not that you lack discipline or that you’re a lost cause. I’ll help you figure out exactly why you haven’t been able to find relief from your GI symptoms so that you can start seeing results

Your nutrition strategy

Ever wonder why everyone else can eat whatever they want without symptoms? I’ll share how you can do this too

5 secrets to a successful holiday season

I’ll show you my best kept secrets to navigating the holidays. Plus you’ll hear exactly what my most successful clients have done to do this too

gutTogether Heather
guttogether 7 websize

What to expect:

45 minutes of live teaching with Dr. Heather

15 minutes of live Q&A with Dr. Heather

A workbook companion for notes and resources after the workshop

The truth is

Gut health isn’t about elimination diets.
That’s why you’re still bloated

If you’ve made it this far and have been struggling with GI symptoms for any amount of time…you are probably stuck in a cycle of cutting out goods and always looking for that magic fix. Well, LET’S BE REAL, cutting out foods isn’t going to solve your GI issues. If it did, it would have worked by now. Elimination diets also won’t prevent your symptoms from coming back. You have to prevent them with intentionally addressing the actual causes of your symptoms. At gutTogether® we aren’t here to tell you to bring your own food to the holiday gathering or “eat beforehand”

Instead, gutTogether was built on education and empowerment

Because how are you supposed to find relief from your GI symptoms if you don’t get to the real root of why you haven’t been able to find relief for an extended period of time? It’s time to ditch the restrictive mindset that ends up leaving you more stressed than when you started and put in the real, meaningful work figuring out how to fix your gut and love food again too.