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The gutTogether® Membership

Bloating should be a rare exception, not your everyday experience

In the gutTogether® membership our experts will guide you to finally find relief from your bloating and GI symptoms so that you never have to see another provider again.  

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Unable to find relief from your bloat and gI symptoms even though you've tried everything?

Or maybe 1:1 Programs are out of reach but you need a trusted team of experts and a method that works!

So if you…

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Dr. Heather Finley

The gutTogether® Membership was made for you!

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Instead of spending hours googling your symptoms with no results imagine if instead you...

Doesn't that sound like a sigh of relief?

But you’ve been promised this before. What makes gutTogether® Membership different?

gutTogether® is a proven method that will actually help you identify the sources of your symptoms and know what to do to address them so that you never have to see another provider again. Once you identify the true sources of your symptoms, your GI symptoms will be a thing of the past.

Bloating Should Be A Rare Exception,

Not Your Everyday Experience

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Hi, I’m Dr. Heather

I am a internationally known gut health specialist who has now helped over 1000 women find relief from bloating, constipation and other digestive symptoms.

But I get it personally…there’s nothing worse than struggling with gut symptoms. Whether it’s bloating, constipation, reflux or gas it can really impact your quality of life. But all hope is not lost. If you have tried every possible elimination diet and continue to feel stuck with symptoms, I get it!

I spent years trying to fix my own digestive symptoms with bandaid solutions that didn’t get me anywhere. It was really terrible. Once I was able to understand the actual causes of my symptoms, I started to find real relief. I went from restricting and eliminating tons of foods to loving food again.

I went from restricting and eliminating tons of foods to loving food again.

Now, I have helped 1000’s of women find relief from their digestive symptoms.

The gutTogether® Membership

A 6-month community membership for women just like you to get to the root cause of your constipation, bloat and digestive symptoms so that you can stop worrying about what to wear, stressing about food and wondering if you'll not feel 6 months pregnant again.
gutTogether® Membership
$ 997 or 6 payments of $175
  • Weekly live support calls with one of our gut health specialists to get all of your questions answered
  • Chat support with the gutTogether® team for all your questions in between so that you never get stuck and always know your next steps
  • 20+ learning modules that walk you through the gutTogether® method so that you can identify the sources of your symptoms and also learn how to address them
  • Track your results using our proprietary system to ensure you are making progress and prevent your symptoms from coming back
  • Access to a team of gut health specialists and Registered Dietitians who personally get it and will support you every step of the way

This Membership is The Last Resource You'll Need To End Your Bloat FOR GOOD

Discover the ROOT CAUSE of your constipation and bloat

Stop googling your symptoms and using bandaid solutions. Actually discover the root causes and the interventions that work.

Stop wasting money

Stop throwing money at juice cleanses and "bloat relief supplements" your favorite influencer promotes and discover what's actually worth your hard earned money

Understand why you're stuck with symptoms

You don't lack discipline, in fact, you're probably the most hard working person you know. You lack clarity on your symptoms. When you have clarity its easy to find relief.

Gain confidence in yourself and your body

It's possible to start understanding your body and working WITH it instead of feeling like you're not on the same team.

Learn which supplements are right for YOU

Learn which supplements are right for you through our interactive quizzes and through getting personalized support on the live calls.

Love food again

Stop going on elimination diet's that don't work and learn to add foods in that fuel your gut and make you feel your best.

What happens once you’re inside the Membership?

Access to a team of gut health specialists and Registered Dietitians

Learn from and grow with women who understand what you’re going through, in a safe space. Group mindset exercises, creative prompts, and open Q&A. Every week, you have access to LIVE calls with our team of RD’s to get your questions answered, receive support and have clarity on your symptoms. If you cannot attend live, your questions will still be answered and we will send you the timestamp of where to listen to the recording.

Weekly Support Calls

This isn't just another program that is going to collect virtual dust in your inbox. Interact with REAL people on our weekly calls and get all of your questions answered.

Access to 20 on-demand modules

A step-by-step method designed to help you identify the true underlying causes that are contributing to your symptoms. Each week you’ll gain access to the next 5-10 min video, making your journey easy and accessible.

Some of the modules include:
- What do I eat for gut issues?
- PFFC: Our proven mealtime system for balanced blood sugar and a happy gut.
- Slow Motility: How to know if you have it and how to fix it.
- Low Stomach Acid: The how, the why and the intervention.
- Dysbiosis: How to rebalance your gut bacteria ....and more!

Chat support

Have the gutTogether® team on speed dial and post your questions to get quick answers! Trouble shopping at the grocery store? Going on a trip? Wondering which probiotic is right for you? Post it, and we'll answer!
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Hear from our gutTogether® clients…

Jamie L. Designation

My energy levels are higher than I remember prior to having GI issues. The brain fog and bloat are gone, and I have bowel movements daily. I have reintroduced foods that I previously eliminated from my diet and no longer have issues digesting them. I have total freedom with food!”

Maria M. Designation

This program has literally Changed My Life for the better. I was restricting my diet because of my symptoms, doing strenuous HIIT workouts on a daily basis, and losing sleep in order to fit the workouts into my schedule. The tools that Heather gave me have shifted my mindset to a much more healthy place and have almost totally eliminated my symptoms. She helped me to introduce small changes into my daily routine that have built up to huge positive outcomes. All of the food restrictions and physical stress I was putting on my body were hurting more than they were helping.

Amanda D. Designation

It was a huge blessing to find a program that helped you ADD foods back in while healing the gut rather than taking foods out as well as tangible steps that felt manageable and achievable that can be applied to daily life! I was able to discover symptoms and areas of healing to focus on that no one else had ever told me needed work.”

Elizabeth Designation

I can’t believe the relief I now have. I am free from being in a constant state of food fear. I no longer worry about the foods I’m eating because I know what my body will or will not tolerate. I healed my gut from the bacterial issues thanks to the herbal supplements and recommendations provided by Heather and her (awesome) team. My issues were not just masked with medicine to reduce symptoms, we actually figured things out. I’m so so grateful for the support and accountability the group setting provided. I’m also so grateful that this whole program was virtual so I could participate. Living in rural Iowa we do not have services like this anywhere near me, thus the reason for my joining gutTogether. This program has changed my relationship with food, my overall health, and simply put my life!

Bailey Designation

I highly recommend Heather's program. It is truly the best investment I've ever made. As someone who has struggled with food, my body, and gut health for so long, her and her program completely transformed my life. She is so knowledgeable, supportive, intelligent, and dedicated to healing her clients. My favorite part of the program was her endless support. She was CONSTANTLY there for me when no one else was. From answering all my questions, to giving me so much positivity and uplifting me on my hardest days, I've never felt so cared for and supported by a doctor. THAT is priceless and I would make the investment in Heather ten times more if I could! Even though it's not a 1:1 program, I always felt that consistent 1:1 support from her because she truly CARES about her clients. She is the most empathetic doctor and KNOWS HER STUFF. I've worked with doctors and coaches in the past that claimed they knew about gut health, but none of them know gut health like Heather! I love Heather more than words can say, and she's the best doctor I've ever worked with. Thank you, Heather for everything you've done for me! You're an angel and my life is forever changed because of you.

Kailee Designation

Dr. Finley is educated and passionate about nutrition. I am thankful for her compassion and guidance every step of the way. I really enjoyed celebrating all of the little victories together. I also really appreciated her encouragement and guidance towards us meeting our SMART goals. The modules were easy to understand, expanded my knowledge about nutrition and provided practical implications. The handouts and resources throughout the program were extremely helpful not only in the moment but for the future as well. This program was well worth the investment of my time and money.

How to Find Relief
From Your Bloating For Real

Enroll in the gutTogether® Membership

Join the powerful program that has helped over 1000+ women reduce their symptoms by 74%. 

Identify your root causes

Identify the actual causes of your symptoms  using the proven gutTogether® method so that you never have to do another program or see another provider again.

Find a solution that actually works

Stop bandaging your symptoms with solutions that don’t actually work and finally understand what to do to keep your symptoms away for good. 

What they say about this program...

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Most frequent questions
and answers
GutTogether Membership

This is NOT a self-paced program! It is a membership with community and accountability support. You will receive support from both our team on the weekly calls and the incredible community of women who are going on the same journey as you. 

This is a common fear we hear from clients before starting. What we have found is that our clients LOVE the calls. In fact, our past client Julie who was nervous about the calls said this when she graduated:

Testimonial Free Response Section
Love the weekly calls, my favorite part of the program, being able to speak with someone each week to ask questions of instead of having to play email tag.

In the program modules we have quizzes built in that help you identify your root causes. In addition to this, the weekly calls are where you can ask questions and get support around your root causes and what you should be implementing. 

The membership option does not include testing. If you are interested in adding on testing and 1:1 calls, once you are in the membership you can upgrade to the VIP program that includes 1:1 calls, an additional weekly call, testing and monthly 1:1 appointments.

Gut healing takes time which is why this membership is 6 months. Since you get access to all of the information up front we do not provide refunds.

The membership will automatically recur every 6 months, however, you can cancel beforehand so that it does not recur if you choose not to stay in.

Inside of the membership there are several different meal plans to guide you. There are not meal plans provided for each week because our goal is to give you the framework to follow (PFFC) and allow you to have freedom with your food! 

None! Let’s be real. You’ve already tried that. This membership will help you identify your root causes so that you can focus on actually ADDING foods in. 

You may come to the weekly calls with questions about your labs, however, if you want a specific protocol and recommendations based on your lab results we would recommend upgrading to the VIP program so you can access the 1:1 appointments. 

The gutTogether® method is a proven, evidence-based method that has helped over 1000 women find relief and reduce their symptoms by (on average) 74%. This is not another elimination diet or quick fix that doesn’t last. 

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