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Low Stomach Acid

It seems that your potential root cause is low stomach acid, yes, low, not high stomach acid. When your body experiences stress – whether it’s due to chronic stress, mineral deficiencies, infections like H. pylori, or gut imbalances like dysbiosis – one critical factor at play is low stomach acid.

Stress, regardless of its source, signals your body to divert resources away from digestion, leading to a reduction in stomach acid production. Failing to address low stomach acid can result in various digestive issues, including post-meal bloating, susceptibility to infections, gut imbalances, slower gut motility, increased bloating, fatigue, and even nutrient deficiencies like iron deficiency.

Now, here's something important to know:

Instead of taking shots of apple cider vinegar (which can harm your tooth enamel), we focus on identifying the root cause of your low stomach acid and practice good meal hygiene.

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When you don’t address the causes...

It can shake your confidence, make you unwilling to engage in social gatherings and even impact your relationships.

Our clients with gutTogether® program who do address their underlying causes report feeling more engaged in relationships, more spontaneous with plans and travel and have an increase in their confidenceI

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