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Browse the blog for tips and tools centered around our unique & holistic approach to gut health.

We address digestive function holistically. While you won’t find elimination diets or meal plans here, what we do share is a variety of tools that address the many influences of digestive issues.  

You don’t need to implement everything, simply choose a couple of things that feel right for you and your lifestyle, and apply them slowly. Because it’s the small shifts that can make such a huge difference. Snuggle up and get comfy, we’re sure you’ll love it here.

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Foods High in Polyphenols

Foods High in Polyphenols and Why You Need Them

If you saw my latest reel on Instagram, you learned that I don’t go a day without chocolate. Every day, you can find me munching on some kind of dark chocolate – the more bitter it is, the better, in my opinion! Probably the same reason I also love coffee

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egg muffin

Meal Prep Eggs-Press: Spinach and Sausage Egg Muffins

About this Recipe   I love a good meal prep recipe – easy, convenient, low-stress. Perfect for busy days, or when you just want to have something to grab and go with. If you do too, you HAVE to try these Spinach and Sausage Egg Muffins! The best part about

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Why February Is My Busiest Month

Happy February! We made it through what feels like the longest month of the year – the time where everyone is cutting out foods, testing a new fad or making extreme changes because of a New Year’s resolution. Whether you’ve followed me for a while or are new to the

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Save the Date-Nut Bars

About this Recipe   This recipe is a special one. I created it for class when I was working on my doctorate in clinical nutrition. My Cinna-brain Bars are still a go-to, because they’re such a delicious, easy-to-prep snack. Where’d they get the name? The cognitive benefits of ingredients like

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The #1 Reason You’re Still Bloated

If you’ve been around here for a bit, you know that the only way to improve your bloat long-term is to identify what is causing it in the first place. No idea what this means? Check out this Instagram post where I talk more about it! If you are getting

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nut butter cups

“Nut a Hassle” Nut Butter Cups

About this Recipe   If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE nut butter and chocolate. I’m pretty sure I can’t go a day without the combo! It’s due time I share my tried-and-true, minimal-ingredient recipe for my homemade nut butter cups. I’ve been making them

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Gut Groupie Gift Guide 2020

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but this is my favorite kind of “recommendations” guide to make – a curated collection of my personal favorites, many of which are especially gut-friendly! Perfect for anyone on your list, or to gift yourself… everyone deserves some extra self-love after the year we’ve had!

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Easy Stress Management for a Healthier Gut

Ever been told that your gut issues are all in your head? Frustrating, right?The same thing happened to me when I was struggling with constipation and bloat. I just wanted someone to tell me what was wrong and what I needed to do about it! Hearing “it’s all in your

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green bean sprout 1

Bean a Fave: Green Bean Casserole

About this Recipe   Green bean casserole has been a holiday staple for as long as I can remember. This is a twist on the traditional recipe, incorporating fresh ingredients (instead of canned), creamy cauliflower sauce and adding a delicious crunch from toasted, slivered almonds… I love it just as

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