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What if I told you there was a way to
identify and address your symptoms so that you could stop going on elimination diets and find symptom relief for good?

If you’re tired of jumping from elimination diet to elimination diet, its time for you to get real answers about your symptoms so you can feel better for good. 

gutTested™ gives you the personalized insights that you need to finally identify what is causing your GI and hormone symptoms with functional stool testing, mineral testing and 1:1 appointments. You will finally understand what is at the root of your symptoms and address them for good so that your symptoms stop coming back.

Can you Relate?

You have stomach issues on the regular but you’re told your labs are normal

Your energy is unpredictable and you feel “up and down” constantly

Your symptoms flare around your cycle or around ovulation

You don’t have bowel movements daily so you feel progressively more bloated as the day goes on

You are eliminating a bunch of foods yet your tummy still causes all sorts of drama

You’ve got smelly gas and its embarrassing

You’ve tried an elimination diet (or 5) and although you feel better for the short term, you don’t long term and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life losing it while trying to order at a restaurant

You have acne or other skin issues that are either somewhat controlled by harsh medications or, the medications are making things worse

You sleep all night yet you’re exhausted throughout the day

If this sounds like you, we get it. We’ve been there too (literally every single one of us on the gutTogether® team).
And the good news is you can find relief even if you feel like you’ve tried everything! 

The gutTested package provides personalized insights and custom protocols to help you identify the causes of your GI and hormone symptoms and fully address them using a root cause approach.

This means you’re not just guessing based on what some “guru” on the internet is saying. You’re getting real time results about what’s happening in your body and your gut and solutions that address those things specifically!

You’ll work directly with a gut health specialist & registered dietitian all who are personally trained by Dr. Heather, to review your stool testing and mineral testing and come up with a custom plan to address your symptoms. Dr. Heather and the team review every case together so her eyes are on every patient and we work together as a team.

What’s Included in

gutTogether 4

1- GI Map stool test: The ultimate test to tell us exactly what is going on in your gut

1- HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis): The most comprehensive mineral test that will tell us exactly what is going on with your minerals and how we can foundationally support your healing process, energy, hormones, metabolism and gut (trust us, without minerals you cannot fully heal which is why we don’t skip this piece!

4 - 50-minute 1:1 appointments with our expert Registered Dietitians to make sure you can implement without crazy protocols

Custom protocols addressing your results so you have a step-by-step, easy to follow plan that actually gets you the symptom relief you want

Access to educational modules to support your journey so that you can learn to be the expert of your own gut health

Results our clients have gotten
after doing gutTested

Mary got off NSAIDS and pain relievers around her menstrual cycle and is no longer having painful periods 

Julianne improved her chronic eczema and got off steroid creams and antibiotics

Sarah no longer needs a 2pm nap everyday and is having energy all day long 

Jana is having regular, daily bowel movements and not feeling bloated at night (which  means dinners out, better intimacy with her husband and no longer canceling plans!)

Margo saw improvement in her hormonal acne and is getting off of spironolactone and other PCOS medications

Hilary loves being able to eat gluten and dairy again without symptoms (which for her means eating out at her favorite restaurants and no longer being the ‘weird girl’ with food!)

How to get started with gutTested

Complete your stool testing

Within 72 business hours of purchase your stool testing will be shipped directly to you. Once you complete it and the results are back we will reach out to schedule your first 1:1 appointment.

Get a custom plan

Our team will use our proprietary assessment to understand your medical history, unique symptoms and test results to come up with a custom multi-phase plan that helps you fully address your symptoms. We will use nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. No elimination diets here!

guttogether Dr. Heather Finley

Hi I'm Dr. Heather

I am a internationally known gut health specialist who has now helped over 1000 women find relief from bloating, constipation and other digestive symptoms.

But I get it personally…there’s nothing worse than struggling with gut symptoms. Whether it’s bloating, constipation, reflux or gas it can really impact your quality of life. But all hope is not lost. If you have tried every possible elimination diet and continue to feel stuck with symptoms, I get it!

I spent years trying to fix my own digestive symptoms with bandaid solutions that didn’t get me anywhere. It was really terrible. Once I was able to understand the actual causes of my symptoms, I started to find real relief. I went from restricting and eliminating tons of foods to loving food again.

Dr. Heather Finley

I went from restricting and eliminating tons of foods to loving food again.

Now, I have helped 1000’s of women find relief from their digestive symptoms.

Hear from our clients…

— Hayley Designation

"I was so impressed by the information that this programs GI map gave, and for the first time I felt hope that I would feel better. It was a long road but I did everything that Dr Heather and her team suggested and was able to heal my gut in more natural ways, without another round of antibiotics. What I also love about this program is I was taught how to eat MORE food of more variety, versus what other doctors had recommended that I continue to cut food out. I feel so much better now and am no longer afraid to go on vacations or out to dinner. I worked specifically with Stacey and Macy and they are both so genuine and caring. I feel much better than I did a year ago both mentally and physically thanks to this program!"

— Tara Designation

"The GI Map and personalized assistance with the step by step protocol to heal my gut was the most beneficial part of the program for me. I also really liked the curated product recommendation lists. Through it all, it worked marvelously and I am so grateful."

— Lara Designation

"When I began with Dr Heather she had me complete a GI test and I thought “well this isn’t going to show anything I just did this at the doctors”. However, with Dr Heathers GI map it was able to provide us with SO MUCH DATA versus my GI at the hospital whose results read “normal”.

Stool testing is an excellent way to dig deeper into your GI symptoms and assess things like: 

  • H pylori
  • Inflammation levels
  • Why you are having food sensitivities
  • Your “good” and “bad” bacteria
  • How you are digesting your food 
  • Your gut immune system
  • Parasites and critters 
  • If you have “leaky gut”
  • The exact level of minerals (and mineral ratios) in your body
  • How stressed (or burnt out) your body is so we know exactly how to support you
  • How the following systems are functioning: 
    • Your thyroid
    • Your hormones
    • Your adrenals
    • Your blood sugar 
  • Why you are so tired allll the time 
  • Why you have tried a lot of things for your gut health and you’re still stuck

These are both function tests that  that are often not run in the conventional medical world. We often hear from clients that they learn more for this test then they have from anything they have done previously!

As soon as you purchase the package you will be added to our private portal and we will get your stool kit on its way. You will have 4 months from purchase date to complete your appointments.

  1. Purchase the gutTested package 
  2. Complete your stool testing 
  3. Get personalized protocols and a plan in your 1:1 appointments

This package is $1650.

This includes the stool testing, mineral test and all of the 1:1 appointments. 

This is an out of pocket medical expense but we can accept HSA and FSA cards.

Get your gutTested

Identify and address your symptoms so that you could stop going on elimination diets and find symptom relief for good.