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Browse the blog for tips and tools centered around our unique & holistic approach to gut health.

We address digestive function holistically. While you won’t find elimination diets or meal plans here, what we do share is a variety of tools that address the many influences of digestive issues.  

You don’t need to implement everything, simply choose a couple of things that feel right for you and your lifestyle, and apply them slowly. Because it’s the small shifts that can make such a huge difference. Snuggle up and get comfy, we’re sure you’ll love it here.

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Does Ozempic cause stomach problems, affect your fertility or change how your body handles Alcohol?

Have you ever wondered if Ozempic could cause stomach problems, affect your fertility, or change how your body handles alcohol? In our ongoing series about Ozempic, we’ve already explored how this popular medication impacts gut health and the gut microbiome. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out for a deep dive into Ozempic’s effects on your digestive system and natural ways to boost GLP-1.

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Minerals and Stress Correlation

The Mineral Link: Why You Might Be Stressed (and How to Fix It)

Have you been told stress is the root cause of your symptoms?  As a busy woman juggling myriad responsibilities, being told that stress is the root cause of GI and hormone issues can feel frustratingly simplistic. In a world where time is a precious commodity and obligations seem endless, the

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4 Essential Minerals

Fuel Your Digestion: The 4 Essential Minerals You Might Be Missing

Minerals are the unsung heroes of our body’s intricate metabolic symphony. From the moment we wake until we rest our heads at night, these essential nutrients quietly orchestrate every cellular process, ensuring our bodies function optimally. Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and countless others serve as the building blocks of life,

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gut Motility

Slow Gut Motility: Exploring 3 Effective Solutions Beyond Miralax

Meet Erin. She’s a vibrant young professional with a zest for life. But behind her confident smile, Erin battled a silent struggle – constipation. Every morning began with a sense of dread as she faced the persistent discomfort of incomplete bowel movements. Despite her efforts, including the recommendation of her doctor to try Miralax, relief remained elusive. Erin found herself trapped in a cycle of temporary fixes, never experiencing the complete relief she longed for. This constant battle with her gut impacted more than just her physical well-being; it seeped into her confidence and affected her day-to-day life.

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H Pylori │ Dr. Heather Finley │ gutTogether

Defeating H Pylori: 5 Vital Steps to Overcome Multiple Health Hurdles

Feeling overwhelmed by health issues is all too common, especially when they pile up. If you’re grappling with multiple health concerns simultaneously, figuring out where to start can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. In this blog post, we’ll navigate this together, shedding light on why the sequence of addressing your health matters.

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Dr. Heather Finley_Gut health and antibiotics 3 steps to prevent side effects

Gut health and antibiotics: 3 steps to prevent side effects

In my practice, I often hear concerns about safeguarding gut health while undergoing antibiotic treatment. Yes, antibiotics can be lifesavers, but let’s face it, they’re sometimes handed out like candy these days. And the result? So many Americans are walking around with depleted microbiomes and a laundry list of concerns. Antibiotics do not have to derail your gut health journey and  I’m here to shed light on how you can show your gut some love, even in the face of antibiotics. 

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Why Am I Bloated?

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