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Motility/Gut-Brain Axis

Now, let’s dive into your results. It seems like you could be dealing with bloating and other GI issues due to MOTILITY DISFUNCTION. But what does that mean? Well, think of your gut as a muscle, and over time, it can become weakened, leading to slower motility. Stress is a significant contributor, as it diverts resources away from your gut during stressful situations. Some potential causes of slow motility could include stress, previous food poisoning, unwanted gut bacterial or yeast infections, frequent snacking, and possibly low stomach acid.

Untreated motility issues can result in chronic bloating, recurring SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), severe constipation, or even irregular bowel movements. Simply relying on motility medications like Linzess or Motegrity without addressing other factors like dysbiosis, low stomach acid, and stress is not a comprehensive solution.

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Slow motility is a common issue, and it can affect your bowel movements, making them feel incomplete or challenging. Neglecting motility issues can disrupt your gut health and cause unwanted symptoms. Addressing motility through stress reduction, supplements, and dietary adjustments is crucial to prevent symptom recurrence.

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When you don’t address the causes...

It can shake your confidence, make you unwilling to engage in social gatherings and even impact your relationships.

Our clients with gutTogether® program who do address their underlying causes report feeling more engaged in relationships, more spontaneous with plans and travel and have an increase in their confidenceI

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