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Total Body Burden

It seems like you might have what we call “TOTAL BODY BURDEN,” and this is likely contributing to your symptoms. But what does that mean? Well, your body is under a lot of stress – not just emotional stress, but also physical stress from underlying gut issues, mineral imbalances, and even hormone imbalances.

This total body burden can accumulate over years and manifest in the digestive symptoms you’re experiencing. It can wreak havoc on your digestive system, disrupting gut motility, triggering dysbiosis (an imbalance of bacteria), and even affecting stomach acid production. Over time, this can worsen your symptoms and lead to chronic digestive discomfort.

Now, here's something important to know:

One common mistake we often see is not recognizing that both emotional and physical stressors can contribute to your symptoms. Focusing solely on dietary changes and supplements won’t provide a comprehensive solution. It’s essential to address the underlying stressors that might be lurking in your gut.

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When you don’t address the causes...

It can shake your confidence, make you unwilling to engage in social gatherings and even impact your relationships.

Our clients with gutTogether® program who do address their underlying causes report feeling more engaged in relationships, more spontaneous with plans and travel and have an increase in their confidence.

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