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Browse the blog for tips and tools centered around our unique & holistic approach to gut health.

We address digestive function holistically. While you won’t find elimination diets or meal plans here, what we do share is a variety of tools that address the many influences of digestive issues.  

You don’t need to implement everything, simply choose a couple of things that feel right for you and your lifestyle, and apply them slowly. Because it’s the small shifts that can make such a huge difference. Snuggle up and get comfy, we’re sure you’ll love it here.

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Butyrate 1

😎The New Kid On the Block: Butyrate

What if I told you there was something that could help calm the 🔥 inflammation in your GI tract, combat leaky gut, support your immune system, AND support your nervous system?  Most people have heard of probiotics, or the good bacteria in our gut, and prebiotics, the food for the

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Supporting Your Gut Health During A busy Day

Supporting your gut health during a busy day 🗓️

We all know the hustle is real.🥵 Between working full-time and taking care of the family, while still trying to have some sort of social life, it’s easy to feel like there’s not enough time to prioritize gut health. I hear you and I’ve got your back with some game-changing

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Episode 44 SIBO Part 2 1

Ep. 44: You are diagnosed with SIBO, now what? [PART 2]

Don’t believe everything you hear about SIBO treatment. There is some misleading information out there about treating SIBO and improving digestive health. Here are some common myths: Myth 1: The same treatment plan works for everyone- one size fits all! Myth 2: Diet alone will solve the problem- you should

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Ep 43 SIBO part 1 1

Ep. 43: You are diagnosed with SIBO, now what? [PART 1]

Picture this: your bloat is gone, your SIBO hasn’t come back and you’re finally living your life again (without the fear of symptoms!)  Does the constant bloating, abdominal pain, and unpredictable bowel movements sound familiar? Have you been told to simply take antibiotics to treat your SIBO, only to find

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