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We address digestive function holistically. While you won’t find elimination diets or meal plans here, what we do share is a variety of tools that address the many influences of digestive issues.  

You don’t need to implement everything, simply choose a couple of things that feel right for you and your lifestyle, and apply them slowly. Because it’s the small shifts that can make such a huge difference. Snuggle up and get comfy, we’re sure you’ll love it here.

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Dr. Heather Finley_Gut health and antibiotics 3 steps to prevent side effects

Gut health and antibiotics: 3 steps to prevent side effects

In my practice, I often hear concerns about safeguarding gut health while undergoing antibiotic treatment. Yes, antibiotics can be lifesavers, but let’s face it, they’re sometimes handed out like candy these days. And the result? So many Americans are walking around with depleted microbiomes and a laundry list of concerns. Antibiotics do not have to derail your gut health journey and  I’m here to shed light on how you can show your gut some love, even in the face of antibiotics. 

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Holiday Bloat

Holiday Bloat: The 5 Best Ways To Fix It

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and delicious food. However, if you find yourself battling digestive issues, or holiday bloat, the festivities can quickly turn into a source of stress. The thought of deviating from your regular routine and indulging in different foods may trigger anxiety about how your stomach will react, especially if bloating is a common concern.

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Ep. 53 Favorite gut health products of 2023

Ep. 53: Favorite gut health products of 2023

Tune into this episode where Dr. Heather Finley shares her favorite gut health products. Everything you need from personal care to her favorite foods! Tune in and grab your favorites for some last minute stocking stuffers!

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Ep 51 3 Steps to get to the root cause of your gut issues

Ep. 51: 3 Steps to get to the root cause of your gut issues

So you’re doing all the “right” things but you’re still bloated? In this episode Dr. Heather will walk you through the 3 exact steps necessary to actually finding relief from your GI issues for good. When you’re only focusing on food intake for your gut symptoms its easy to feel

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Ep. 49 How to manage GI issues when you are missing your period

Ep. 49 How to manage GI issues when you’re missing your period

    If you are dealing with HA (hypothalamic amenorrhea) and/or disordered eating and GI issues then this episode is for you. This episode focuses on individuals dealing with the dual challenges of hypothalamic amenorrhea and troublesome GI issues. With Dr. Heather Finley’s and Lindsey Lusson’s guidance, this episode unravels

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🎙️Ep. 48 Help! I can’t poop daily 😥

    👎I am not going to tell you to “just take Miralax.” There is nothing worse than not being able to have a proper bowel movement everyday. 🚽Your doctor may have recommended that you “just take miralax” or “drink more water” but in this episode I share the 3

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🎙️Ep. 47 Your Poop Has All The Answers💩

🚽Turn around and look down. Your poop can uncover so much about your health.🧻 Regardless of what GI symptoms you are experiencing, your poop really does have all the answers. 🪠Before you jump into expensive testing and analysis, it can be helpful to take note of what patterns and clues

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