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How to Prevent Your Digestive Symptoms From Coming Back

Imagine addressing your digestive symptoms and not fearing that in 2 weeks they would come back.. 

Or planning that trip you have always wanted to take without fear of “what will my gut do”

If you have ever had your symptoms go away for a couple weeks only to find that they come back with a vengeance.. read below: 

When the juice cleanses, the restrictive diets, the fasting, etc stop working it’s because there’s a deeper issue, and it’s deeper than food (food reactions are symptoms) 

Getting to the root cause means looking at WHY. 

WHY are you bloated?
WHY are you constipated?
WHY do symptoms return?

It’s like identifying why your garden isn’t growing, instead of just continuing to dump water on it. We have to take an investigative approach because we aren’t looking for a band-aid or “quick-fix” solution. We are looking for sustainable and long-term relief!

We can identify the root cause through

  • Testing
  • Your medical history
  • How your symptoms present and when
  • Your nervous system and stress levels 
  • How your symptoms respond based on circumstances in your life 

When you think about gut health, you might just think about digestion, but there is WAY more that comes into play here! Your gut health has a major impact on your overall health and wellbeing, and affects much more than just digestion!

Your gut health plays an important role in all of the other functions that occur in the body including your brain, immunity, energy levels, skin health, and so much more!

One of our past clients Julie started working with us because she was super constipated but also had terrible brain fog and migraines. Her symptoms were starting to impact how she showed up at work and also how she was at home. She was sick of being exhausted and run down.

When her gut started to improve, so did her other symptoms. She even stated that she had enough energy at the end of a long workday to chase her kids around!

Getting to the root cause ends up being so much more than just digestive relief. It gives you your life back (and for good)! It’s no longer saying no to specific foods, plans to go out, or even rearranging your life around symptoms. 

It’s regaining freedom. It’s getting your life back. It’s allowing you to FLOURISH!

In my gutTogether program, we address more than just diet. This life-changing program is for the woman who has a deep desire to elevate her health, knowing that the gut is connected to everything.

If you want to find out the root cause of your symptoms so that you can heal your gut, get your life back, and step into the next version of yourself…Click here take our free quiz: Why am I bloated? To start identifying your potential root causes.  


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Why Am I Bloated?

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Why Am I Bloated?

Are you curious to understand why you’re feeling bloated? Take our fun quiz to find out!


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