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Why are you Bloated?

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Gut health and the chain reaction of stress

Did you know that stress is the #1 root cause we see with clients in the gutTogether™️ program and for those of you that have taken the free Why Am I Bloated? quiz. In fact 74% of you scored stress as your root cause


What starts as stress ends in the gut as a chain reaction. You cannot digest and properly absorb when your body is in a state of survival. It’s just not wired that way! 


You’re probably thinking “but I’m not stressed!” But what you don’t see is all the tiny little stressors that actually are stressing your body out. Such as a lack of sleep, under-eating, dehydration,  over-exercising, blood sugar imbalances, underlying gut infections, your environment, relationships, etc.


You likely deal with higher amounts of stress than you realize.


I was on a call this week with a client who is a super high achieving entrepreneur and she felt like because of the nature of her job there was no way she was going to find relief. She didn’t know how to eliminate excess stress. Sadly, this is the case for many of the women we work with–they are type A, busy, super high achieving women.  She was so confused about why she was having symptoms, because she has always operated her life this way…but as we started digging in and added up all of the stressors in her life- although she doesn’t “feel” any more stressed than normal, the stress has finally reached the point where her gut can no longer keep up.  It’s more ore than her body can handle


And as a result she’s dizzy, bloated, constipated, having issues with her period, etc (the list goes on!) What’s the moral of the story here?


Although you might not feel any more “stressed” in the traditional sense, you might be holding more stress than you realize (and your gut issues are adding to that bucket). It’s a bi-directional pathway and must be addressed on both ends!


So I’ll share some insight, as a busy mom of 2 and an entrepreneur! Which can sometimes be stressful. But I know that my gut functioning optimally is key. Because being healthy and having a happy gut equals….

  • More energy
  • Less mood swings
  • Better sleep
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Better bowel movements
  • Better hormones


And so much more!


As I have reprioritized over the years, the needle moving tasks for me will always be sleep, nourishing meals, hydration, honoring my boundaries + schedule, getting sunshine, saying no, checking in on my gut health and hormones 1-2 times a year. Putting all of these habits into practice also allow me to manage my stress, and in turn, manage my digestive symptoms.

(As a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist, it’s hard to say no, but when your plate is already full, sometimes the “best yes” you can say is actually no)

So many of the women we work with are busy moms and successful businesswomen. They know that by improving their gut health, and learning how to manage their stress, that they are not only improving their lives but creating a ripple effect into their families and even organizations


Eliminating the stress on your body by addressing your underlying gut imbalances and optimizing your body functioning is the best way to improve your stress tolerance, maximize your productivity and allow your potential to soar! 


If you’re ready to get comprehensive support for your digestive health now is the time


The gutTogether™️ program is a fully custom, individualized program that will help you identify the root causes of your digestive symptoms, address them specifically, and optimize your digestive health so you can function as your highest self. Click here to apply!


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Why Am I Bloated?

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Why Am I Bloated?

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