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Gut Health at the Beach

There’s nothing worse than being all consumed with symptoms when you have a fun day planned with your family. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I was reminded of this concept this past week on our family vacation to the beach: Seven full days at the beach with my family, and recognizing that in the past this wouldn’t have been possible without fearing my digestive symptoms, being paranoid about being in a bathing suit or feeling like I had to control every second of the day.

But yet, here I was. On the beach with my husband and 2 kids fully present for the moments that matter the most.

No one should have to choose between their digestive symptoms and making memories with their family.

Our client Amber felt the same way…Enough was finally enough. She was struggling with bloating and constipation which impacted every trip she had previously taken with her family. She actually dreaded vacation. 

But after we started working together and addressed the root causes of her symptoms she was able to enjoy the beach with ease. She realized that simple shifts can create an impact. 

Her choice to take control of her gut health allowed her the power to explore her mind + body further. And now? She gets to enjoy every moment with her family, not missing a beat because of her digestive symptoms!

Going to the beach shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a time to unwind and enjoy being in the moment.

So if you feel the pressure of wanting to feel good, but not knowing how to leave the digestive symptoms behind, give these easy tips a try:

  1. Hydrate and electrolytes: Dehydration is one of the top reasons you might be experiencing an increase in symptoms. Hydrate before, during, and after. I made a mineral drink with 4 oz of coconut water, 1 @bublywater, 1 scoop of @jigsaw_health adrenal cocktail, and a splash of OJ.
  2. Bring snacks that have protein and fiber: You need protein and fiber to keep you satiated and full throughout the day. In this video, I packed @healthyeat_onthego bars, popcorn, and @chomps jerky
  3.  Enjoy the memories with your family: Actually, LIVING is part of your healing journey. When you focus on what you CAN control (like hydrating, being prepared, your mindset, etc) it is easier to let go of the things you can’t (like your symptoms, etc!)

So often we weigh the cost of investing in ourselves, but forget about what it costs to stay the same. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Trust me, I get it! Even though you no longer want to be where you are, it is still oddly comfortable to make a change. 

It’s scary to think about trying something new, trusting a new practitioner for help, or investing more time and money into something with no guarantee.

If there is one thing that I do know from my own digestive health journey (and now have helped hundreds of women on their journeys) it is this: In order to create the transformation, you desire it takes commitment, risk, and consistency!

Don’t spend another day worried about your digestive symptoms and let them impact your quality of life. 


It’s time to get support so that you can find relief and feel better for good! Click here to apply to gutTogether™️, a space designed to empower you to find life-long relief. Are you ready to make a change? Let’s do this together!

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