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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I like to post a question box to my stories every so often so I can directly answer whatever questions y’all have for me! I got so many great ones recently, I had to share some in a post. I cover a wide variety of topics, from springtime allergies to under-fueling!

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Q: Tips for reducing belching?

A: Slow down your eating – chew, chew, chew! Before eating, take 4 very deep breaths to optimize digestion and get into a “rest and digest” state.

Q: Where do you even start getting to the bottom of gut issues?

A: Great question – I know how overwhelming this can feel! Two ways we can assess this are through evaluating your symptom patterns, and secondly through specialized testing. Step 1 of the method I teach my clients is to help them understand why they feel the way they do! Understanding why you feel the way you do allows you to feel empowered to manage and navigate them long term.

Q: Why are gas and bloating common symptoms with under-fueling?

A: Many of my clients struggled with disordered eating either when they came to me, or in the past. There are a couple reasons why those are common symptoms: under eating can lower stomach acid over time due to stress and nutritional deficiencies that occur. As the body is conserving energy due to lack of energy it is focused on keeping the brain, heart and lungs functioning and slows the digestive tract. Slower motility leads to food sitting / fermenting, and producing gas. Food siting and fermenting can cause dysbiosis, even slower motility and impact stomach acid levels as well. It’s a viscous cycle!

Q: How can ginger help my symptoms?

A: Ginger helps with motility and helps to get digestive juices flowing!

Q: Does sugar have to be eliminated to improve gut health?

A: No. The goal is to eat the widest variety of foods while causing the least amount of symptoms and stress. This includes foods you enjoy that may have sugar!

Q: Can springtime allergies worsen your gut health?

A: Yes! It all comes down to the histamine level in your system. Histamine can affect your gut health and if you have really bad seasonal allergies, it can definitely impact your histamine load. There are also specific types of gut bacteria that impact histamine levels so it’s important to consider this as well.


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