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😎The New Kid On the Block: Butyrate

What if I told you there was something that could help calm the 🔥 inflammation in your GI tract, combat leaky gut, support your immune system, AND support your nervous system?  Most people have heard of probiotics, or the good bacteria in our gut, and prebiotics, the food for the probiotics or good gut bacteria, […]

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3 Minerals to Improve Gut Health

3 Minerals to Improve Gut Health

Minerals are like the little spark plugs that keep your body doing what it does best ⚡️ And optimizing minerals is important for overall digestive health. They help your body perform such tasks as muscle contraction, nerve conduction, enzyme reactions and immune system support. Minerals also help with hormone production and digestion. If you’re not

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Gut Health and Hormones

Gut Health and Hormones

You might be wondering how gut health and hormones are connected. The answer: they’re intertwined! Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers, and they play a role in everything from your mood to digestion. However, hormones are also sensitive to stress and other environmental factors. That’s why hormone imbalance is such a common problem with the

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